ROYAL-TEE “ALUMNI” Re-Release 9-21-11

Much love to all The Supporters…. This Wednesday, September 21st 2011 We are celebrating the 4 year Anniversary of ROYAL-TEE’s “ALUMNI” Album.. Strictly for All The Fans & Supporters You need this Album in your collection. Guest Appearances By: Phonte of Little Brother, Consuella Williams, Dj Boney B, Bluz, Patrick Boyd, Gib Sabally… just to name a few! I’m sure most of you are waiting for his LONG awaited Project “VOICE Of REASON” with DJ SKILLZ… its coming folks, We wont let you down, But we just wanted to Hit you with a Flashback… For the people who don’t have the “ALUMNI” Album here’s your Chance to Get It, and if you already have it, Spread The Word Tell your Friends to get a Copy, So This Wednesday make sure you check out his Bandcamp Page and Support Good Music!!!! September 21st “ALUMNI” 4 year Anniversary….. GoodMUSICNeverDIES! 


2 thoughts on “ROYAL-TEE “ALUMNI” Re-Release 9-21-11

  1. I am very impressed w/ all of the hard work you have put into this project, in (2mths) you have set up your shopping site and worked relentlessly some nights w/o slept. God bless your efforts and on thus day, I declare God’s total complete victory over all you put your hands and mind to do. as the song writer says, Just say, “Yes, yes, yes” let your heart and soul say “yes,” where ever He leads you go & continue to say “YES”!

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